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1/2" Shank Cemented Carbide Trim Router Bit Woodworking Profile Groove Template Cutter Carving Tool


Ex Tax: $6.50

This is a professional groove profile router bit for carpenter hand making carving or other woodworking. You can use the router bit to plunge cut doors and moldings with faux panel router bit. Two flu..

105 Degree Angle Extension Right Angle Quick Change Driver Drilling Extension Shank Screwdriver Magnetic 1/4 Inch Hex Drill Bit Screwdriver Socket Holder Adaptor Sleeve


Ex Tax: $4.89

This is a very handy quick change right angle tool and fits most power drill and socket wrench.Features:Good quality at a reasonable price.Module new and durable for daily use.Quick and easy screwdriv..

10pcs 1/8" HSS-Co Drills Double Ended Cobalt M35 Drill Bits Set


Ex Tax: $5.91

Features:Includes 10pcs 1/8" Cobalt M35 drill bits.Double ended design, practical and convenient.Suitable for drilling stainless steel or high hardness materials.Specifications:Material: M35 HSSQ..


10pcs 6-15mm Pneumatic Strong Power Magnetic Nut Driver Drill Bits Set 65mm 1/4" Hex Shank Metric Socket Wrench Screw


Ex Tax: $9.99

This 10 pcs power metric socket wrench is used to install in those hexagon tools, such as pneumatic screwdriver, electric screwdriver, pneumatic drill, electric drill, pistol drill, manual screwdriver..

10PCS 6-30mm Glass Hole Saw Kit Diamond Coated Core Hole Saw Marble Drill Bit Tile Ceramic Glass Porcelain Drilling


Ex Tax: $7.24

Useful drilling tools for easy and fast drilling hole of glass, tiles, granite, ceramic and marble. Made of high quality diamond, very durable to drill holes.Features:High quality hole saw kit for dri..


10pcs Cobalt Left Hand Drill Bit Broken Bolt Damaged Screw Extractor Set with Metal Case


Ex Tax: $18.08

5pcs left hand drill bits and 5pcs alloy steel screw extractors in a set ensure more choices to meet your drilling needs. Useful tools for woodworking or household use.Features:10pcs useful tools set ..


10pcs High Speed White Steel Drill Bits HSS Twist Drilling Tool for Dremel Rotary Electric Grinding Accessories



Ex Tax: $2.28

This 10 pcs white steel drill bits are for DIY grinding and punching (wood, metal, mold polishing purposes). These are high quality white steel drill bits for Dremel electric grinding accessories. Can..


10pcs Rotary Files Rasp Set 6mm Shank Carbon Steel Carbide Milling Cutter Rotary File Burr Tool Woodworking Carving Bits Grinding Accessories


Ex Tax: $8.88

This 10pcs wood polishing rotary file rasp set is used for DIY woodworking polished engraving, woodworking, cutting, polishing wood. These are high quality 6mm shank carbon steel carbide milling cutte..

10pcs Router Bit Titanium Coated HSS Cutter with 3mm 1/8" Shank Burr Rotary File Wood Milling Cutters Tool Carpenter Woodworking Tools


Ex Tax: $6.99

This 10pcs different shapes titanium coated HSS burr rotary file router bits are widely used for wood milling, cutting, trimming, grinding. High quality 3mm shank high speed steel milling cutter for w..

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